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Why Choose Us

Why Chose Us As Your Tax Professional?All Your Tax Needs In One Place

  • Dedicated staff of professionals including Enrolled Agents, CPA's, Attorneys and Certified Financial Planners that are available to answer all your tax and estate concerns
  • 30+ years of experience
  • Same day preparation available
  • Sat & Sun and evening appts.
  • Reasonable rates/family discounts

Tax Preparation

  • Individual tax return: 1040
  • Tax returns for partnerships: 1065
  • Tax returns for corporate income: 1120
  • Tax returns for an S corporation: 1120S
  • Tax return for fiduciary income for estates and trusts: 1041
  • Tax return for estate tax on decedents estate

The Advantages of Working with Tax Professionals:

For individuals:
We strive to prepare the best legitimate tax-advantaged return for you that the current tax law allows.  Strategies for individuals include calculating the tax advantage of filing jointly or separately for married couples. We look for deductions and credits for which you are eligible. We work with families to compare the tax opportunities for allocating deductions and exemptions among family members as the tax laws allow.

For small businesses: We work with small businesses to evaluate business, liability and tax advantages of business entity structures including corporation, S-corporation, partnership, limited liability company (LLC) and sole proprietor.  We can prepare documents and applications to set up your new business. We offer bookkeeping and payroll services with financial and tax evaluations throughout the year.

Trusts and Estate Planning:
Our attorneys at Stefans Law Group, PC are adept at the use of trusts for asset protection and estate planning tools for tax reduction. We work together with you as a team to ensure that your will or trust is compatible with your wishes and to determine what can be set in place now to reduce or avoid tax liability for your estate later. If you have a business, we make sure your will, trusts and personal wishes are compatible with your company’s bylaws and business plans.

For further information about our law practice or regarding any aspect of your tax needs, call us at: (516) 692-2744



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